Thursday, August 30, 2007

Can I get a prediction on the season

Well it is almost here and we have talked about tailgating, road trips, and expectations of the coeds this year. Now it is time to throw out some predictions for the season.

Vs. Louisiana-Lafayette (W)- the Ragin Cajuns will put up a good fight but USC will get the better of them with a impressive defense and a simple but effective offense. Talent will win this game. Also look for a couple mistakes early as Smelly starts his first college game. Cory Body will be player of the Game with 125 yards rushing and 2 Td's.

@ UGA (W)- The Dawgs are due for a loss to the cocks and I believe this is Spurriers year. The defense will come up big again as they shut down Georgia early and often. The offense will have its first true test as Blake will probably back under center. Look for a couple young receivers to have big games as UGA tries to stop the running due of Boyd and Davis. Jasper Brinkley named Player of the Game.

Vs. SC State (W) The first meeting between the two South Carolina schools should be a good one, well at least for the Gamecocks. With all the publicity that this game will get in the state there should be a good showing from the Bulldog fans. I see USC winning this game pretty easily, with Brian Maddox joining the running back combo of Davis and Boyd. Play of the game honors go to Captain Munnerlyn.

@ LSU (L) LSU might be the best team the Cocks see all year. The difference in the game is playing in one of the most hostile places in College Football, Death Valley. Glen Dorsey is to much for our offensive line and has a great night. Our defense should hold them but late in the game, look for a tired defensive lineman and Secondary to give up some big running plays that allows the Tigers to control the clock to win the game. Player of the game goes to Ryan Succop.

Vs. Mississippi State (W) USC’s first SEC test at home comes against the cellar dweller from the west. Just like last year MSU will feature a running game and a strong defense. Look for Carolina to stack the box and make Henig beat us with his arm. The gamecocks will have more success this year against the Bulldogs then last year, winning by a trick play. Player of the game is Kenny McKinley

Vs. Kentucky (W) This game will be one for the ages, Woodson will have a good game but in the end the Gamecocks will prevail with there 3 SEC victory. The defense will be tested this game, but I feel the linebackers will have to step up to keep Woodson contained. Player of the game will be Jasper Brinkley.

@ UNC (W) This might be one of the most anticipated games since the Spurrier era began. This border war was last played in the 90’s but a lot has changed since then. I see the Gamecock’s putting a beat down on the Tar heels. UNC is in a rebuilding period and by the time this game is played Spurrier will have figured out who is the QB and what to do to win these types of games with ease. Player of the game is Blake Mitchell.

Vs. Vandy (W) Another high flying offense comes to Columbia. USC had a lot of success against the Commodores last year, and I don’t see anything being different this year. Spurrier will have a game plan that shuts down there offense and a balance Gamecock offense should keep Earl Bennett and Chris Nickson off the field for the most part. Player of the game will be Cliff Matthews.

@ Tennessee (L) Knoxville has always been a tuff place for the Gamecocks to play. The game will be a battle that comes down to special teams and who is the better kicker Succop or Colquitt. How many Colquitt’s can there be? The Vol’s end up winning by 10 even thought it is a lot close then the score shows. Player of the game is Mike Davis.

@ Arkansas (W) Not playing this game in Little Rock is great for the Gamecocks, as Fayetteville has been more suitable for the boys. McFadden will have another Heisman caliber game but in the end Carolina’s defense will figure out a way to stop the all-star backfield. By this time Marcus Monk will be back and ready to light up the gamecocks again on every 3rd down. Unfortunately this year, Carolina will not be trying to come back from a large deficit. The Wildhog offense will not work as well this year as last, since teams will expect McFadden to throw the ball. Player of the game is Ladi Ajiboye .

Vs. Florida (L) Florida has to much talent, reloading from last years National Championship team. They will give the Cocks a fit with Tim Tebow finally getting to run the Urban offense of old. Say hello to the new Alex Smith. Spuirrer will have some great quotes after the game about gimmick offenses. Player of the game will be Wesley Saunders.

Off week

Vs. Clemson (W) Clemson will come in hot after playing a week ACC schedule, but will run into a brick wall known as the Brinkley Brothers. This game will define there careers by shutting down the combo of Davis and Spiller. Just as last year Tommy Bowden will fold in the presents of Steve Spurrier, just as in the movie Waterboy. Willy Korn will get his first taste of Garnet and Black, hopefully he survives with most bones in tacked. The seniors go out in style with consecutive wins against the tigers Players of the Game, Brinkley Brothers

No SEC championship game this year, but it will be nice to return to Tampa to play a Big 10 school.

Another good season for the Gamecocks hopefully is all works out and players can stay on the right side of the law. Man I can’t wait till Saturday.


Cocktail said...

UGA(W)Blow out
LSU(L)Closer than we think and I think we might have a chance...
MSU(W)Closer than we think
UNC(Big W)
Trip to Atlanta and New Orleans...Spurrier is then assasinated

smart neck said...

cocktail...why don't you post this on the blog instead of here?

Also where are those great food choices for tailgating, etc or what beverage should be drank for the first game....

come on write more on LOHD...everyone knows you got the time.

stat boy said...

it is the "wildcat" formation not wildhog in the Arkasas playbook and also I fear a loss to them but a Win over Florida or UT.

A-Dubs said...

Humm...I am a very optimistic Gamecock fan, but I am going to try to have more realistic expectations this year. I say 8-4 with Ls to GA, LSU, TN, and Arkansas. A miracle win against FL and a schooling of Clemson. You heard it here first!

Moose said...

Correction, after watching an Interview with Houston Nutt last night, he called the formation the WildHog Formation.

You can see that replayed on espn U every 2 days.

look into it