Sunday, February 18, 2007

Say what?

Many of you know that Barack Hussein Obama was in the Palmetto state this weekend. In his stop yesterday at Claflin University, which is in O-burg, he spoke to about 2,000.

I found a quote by one of the students interesting while reading a Associated Press article about the campaign visit.

This is what it said at the bottom of the article.......

"Darcel Lancaster, an 18-year-old Claflin freshman, spent nearly two hours waiting in the morning's chill to be the first in line to see Obama. The biology major said she wouldn't commit to Obama's campaign.

"I'm going to look more into others," she said.

She doesn't expect him to win every black vote — including hers.

"Some people think he's not black enough," Lancaster said. If she picked Obama, it wouldn't be because of his race, she said. "He's not full black," Lancaster said."
Where is Jesse Jackson on this? I am not making this up....the person and article really stated this......Thoughts anyone?


smart Neck said...

So is Hillary not Women enougth

Hydricks Pimp said...

nor white enough...