Friday, February 23, 2007

Friday Quiz

Without looking anything up...

1. What does HSBC stand for?

2. Who leads South Carolina in Home Runs heading into this weekend?

3. What was the first state to ratify the Constitution?

4. Who won Super Bowl IV?

5. On Seinfeld Kramer sued two companies and threatened to sue another. He settled all of the suits or potential suits. What did he settle for with a. the coffee shop? b. the tobacco company? c. Calvin Klein?

6. What is the world's deepest lake?

7. What and when was the Glorious Revolution?

8. In the movie Happy Gilmore, Happy does a commercial for what company?

9. What is the capitol of Djibouti?

10. Name the hometowns of the following Gamecocks?

a. Sidney Rice
b. Tre Kelley
c. Blake Mitchell
d. Kenny McKinley
e. BJ McKie
f. Noah Whiteside
g. Chris Culliver
h. Sheldon Brown
i. Duce Staley
j. Todd Ellis


General Malaise said...

Bonus question: As of Friday how many days has it been since Clemson last beat South Carolina in Football?

Penis with ears said...

these are too hard...i quit..

Dev said...

2. For the season so far, Lonnie Chisenhall

3. delaware

4. Green Bay

a. free coffee (lattes)
b. Marlboro billboard
c. Underwear ad

6. Lake Victoria

7. English history

8. Subway

9. Djibouti

a. Gaffney
b. somewhere in Jersey
c. LaGrange
d. Greenville
e. Columbia

bonus- 426
f. Greer
g. Garner
j. Charlotte or somewhere in NC

Moose said...

Good stuff General

Crummy said...

HSBC is Hongkong Shanghai Banking Corporation.