Tuesday, October 03, 2006

A little look at the political races...

From WLTX/SurveyUSA poll conducted Sept 26 - Sept 28:

Tommy Moore (D) — 46%
Mark Sanford (R) — 50%

Lt. Governor:
Robert Barber (D) — 48%
Andre Bauer (R) — 49%

Grady Patterson (D) — 49%
Thomas Ravenel (R) — 49%

Supt. of Education:
Karen Floyd (R) — 50%
Jim Rex (D) — 38%

(The margin of error is 4.7%.)

Out of those races who do you, the readers of LOHD, favor?

1 comment:

sparkle city said...

tend to agree with post...races are close going into final month on paper but what it comes down to is getting the voters to vote....my only wish is for k floyd to lose, rex is much better choice.