Friday, January 15, 2010

SEC Hoops Power Poll Ballot: January 10-16

The Results are in and the SEC Bloggers have spoken, check out the final results - HERE.

This is the LOHD ballot---

1. Kentucky Wildcats

Don't think we have to explain this.

2. Tennessee Volunteers

Vols look better without them right now; is that possible?

3. Mississippi St. Bulldogs

Playing strong and the West is theirs to lose.

4. Vanderbilt Commodores

This is not the football team as this team is one you don't want to play as no easy win here.

5. Mississippi Rebels

Great team and will make rumbles in the SEC, no doubt.

6. Florida Gators

Have the talent yet tough slate of games have not gone their way.

7. Alabama Crimson Tide

Anthony Grant has 'Bama ahead of schedule

8. South Carolina Gamecocks

Due to Devan Downey this team is doing all it can to string some wins together but how long can it last.

9. Georgia Bulldogs

Surprise team as they are playing tough and keeping it close.

10. Arkansas Razorbacks

Game on....Courtney Fortson to the rescue.

11. LSU Tigers

What is wrong with this team or should I say what is right?

12. Auburn Tigers

I have a feeling this is not going to end well.


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