Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Lane Kiffin just upper decked the University of Tennessee

Well, I feel the University of Tennessee gets what it deserves. You hire a used car salesman; you get a used car salesman.

His loud mouth and recruiting violations have caused nothing but trouble in the SEC which has a list of “who’s who” in college football coaching circles. Southern Cal already has a NCAA spotlight on them for some shady practices in the past and now they will have the king of shady practices driving the bus. I wouldn’t be surprised if both UT and Southern Cal are on some kind of probation by the end of 2010.

What will happen to the recruiting class Kiffin has lined up at UT, will some of those kids jump ship and go with him to SoCal?

There is going to be a fall out that could cause Tennessee to fall to the bottom of the SEC for the next couple years. As much as we complain about Spurrier, I am just glad South Carolina has a coach with class.

The kids I feel bad for are Cory Miller and Brandon Willis out of Byrnes HS in South Carolina, who actually enrolled at UT yesterday to start classes for the spring semester. I have a feeling they got a pretty big surprises this evening.

If Tennessee is smart the will go after Skip Holtz, he is due for a chance for the big time stage after leading UConn and ECU. That is if South Florida doesn't hire him first, or will Tommy Bowden beat him to USF? What about David Cutcliffe out of Duke?

I guess we will see how this ‘ripple’ effects the college football landscape. What a crazy off-season to begin the 2010 season. Urban then Leach then USF then Tuberville then Lane….what could be next?


Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

Booooo. Lifetime ban for this Schmuck^.

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