Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Pac 10 vs. Mountain West

Well the bowl season is early, but I think we have learned a lot so far. The Mountain West deserves some credit. After going undefeated last year in the bowl games the Pac 10 has been a joke so far. Oregon State had a chance to represent the PAC 10 in the BCS, got whooped by BYU last night and Utah is making Cal look like Cal Polly Tech in basketball. ESPN has been trying to convince the east coast that the PAC 10 is by far the best conference in football for the past 3 years. Well after watching the past 2 games I am going to have to disagree. The conference that deserves some respect might be the Mountain West. I am not saying that Utah over Alabama last year was a fluke but I think they should deserve a automatic qualifier for the BCS. I have a heard time believing that the Big 10 deserves to have 2 teams in every year. They have a heard enough time winning a bowl game each year, why reward them with 2 BCS games. Just ask Ohio State?

Even Wyoming upsetting Fresno State gave the conference some credit, granted it was a crap bowl that nobody watched outside of the few of use that pretty much watch every football game. The only hope for the PAC 1o this year is for USC to show up against BC as long as they have enough players to play. Who knew paying players with cash, rent money and cars was against the rules. It will also help if the Ducks can crack some beer nuts in Pasadena. I am not sure if Oregon over Ohio State is considered a quality win for the PAC 10 but at least it is a win. I guess we will have to see.......

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