Thursday, June 11, 2009

Ticket sales down at Univ of South Carolina but revenue up

LOHD touched on this before (as have the fans and here) and not sure that the economy is to blame fully on this one. I propose the question to you guys again -

Is the decline in ticket sales for USC football due to the economic climate or poor performance on the field?

Travis Haney at THE POST and COURIER reports -HERE- that ticket sales are down "11%" at Carolina currently. Eric Hyman stated today that revenue is up b/c of the seat tax.

I guess this explains the constant phone calls and emails trying to get me to buy more tickets besides the two I already have - "Risner (head of development for sc) said about 6,000 season tickets remain from the base 57,000 (11.4 percent)."

Good news is "The Gamecock Club has added 900 new members," which is not a surprise since you can join for 50 bucks now and get a full book. THAT PISSES ME OFF. As before it took me several years before I got a full book of tickets even at the half scholly level. Now you can pay bare minimum and get all the tickets. But again this has helped me as my seats have improved.

Risner closes with this, "This has been the most challenging time, probably, in the history of our development operation at South Carolina."

Hence more reason to change the way gamecock club operates. Do away with the business model and get back to focusing on the fans. Not to mention it helps to field a competitive squad. Sorry but truth hurts. And I remain committed - I am continuing my half scholarship dues, paid my seat tax and signed up for 2 season tix. All before I step foot in Columbia. Go Cocks!


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