Saturday, June 06, 2009

Thumbs up to Tanner

Yes that game still hurts and is one of those "shoulda / coulda / woulda" type things but hats off to Coach Tanner this year. I was reading this article today and could not agree more when you look at the entire season. From starting the year with so many questions and going through the early part with so many was good to see Carolina finish strong. I hope the football team is paying attention to what the basketball team did and what the baseball team did in finishing strong.

This year's squad without a doubt struggled in the pitching category. Once you get past the starters of course. It plagued them all year and finally caught up to them vs ECU in the bottom of the 9th (and 10th) of Game 3. But USC finished No. 25 in this week’s Baseball America poll and continued the streak of being the only team in the SEC, and just among eight nationally, that has made the NCAA tournament every year this millennium. Oh and USC now has had 10 consecutive 40-win seasons. WOW!

This is the team that was 9-12 in the SEC a few weeks back but managed to "man-up" down the stretch and finish 2nd in the SEC East. It will be interesting to see who goes pro b/c the team could prove to be really good next year and have a serious shot at getting back to the CWS.

So as us gamecock faithful get over the ECU loss just keep in mind the great job Tanner did this year and his entire 13 seasons at USC. I say keep it coming and I say that the gamecock baseball team had a great year. They continued the legacy of strong play from gamecock baseball! I don't think Tanner is losing his touch as many started to say not too long ago as he is one of the best and this season proves that.

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