Thursday, May 07, 2009

USC Big Man leaves Basketball Team

Seems the Mitchell Carter experiment is officially over according to Seth Emerson. The six foot ten man child is departing from the team to finish his career somewhere else. Seems he never blossomed like Odom had hoped and he was not the next Tim Duncan. Here is his numbers

Did not Play
Averaged 1.3 points and 0.3 rebounds per game in four appearances.
Averaged 3.1 minutes and 0.6 rebounds per game in 11 appearances.

In our preview that we did for next year you can now remove Carter. As you can see, it is not a huge loss for the team and it opens up a scholarship for use in the future. Which makes you wonder after reading this -Despite strides, hoops faces scholarship loss - if somehow this is related???


Moose said...

Mitchell was a bust from the beginning. He was never going to see much playing time in Horn's game plan. Hopefully he can find a junior college that can you the services of a slow 6-10 big man, with limited inside game.

Good luck with that.

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