Saturday, October 04, 2008

USC v Ole Miss - 5 keys to a win

The Gamecocks will travel to Oxford to take on the Ole Miss Rebels today, who are 3-2 and 1-1 SEC play. The rebels are coming off a big win vs the gators so you know they are pumped up.If the Gamecocks (3-2, 0-2) are to snap a seven-game SEC losing streak, the defense, which leads the nation in average yards allowed per game, will play a big role.

This is the 14th meeting b/w the two schools. The rebels have won the last 5 games to take an 8-5 lead in the series. Last time USC won was in 1979 by the score of 21-14. I think that will change today...
What will it take? Well it has always been close with 3 of the last 4 being decided by 3 pts or less and I see that today also. I am not even going to mention the USC Defense this time around b/c they are playing great and I feel they will show up today!

But their are 5 keys to a gamecock win, which are:

1. USC O Line Play --- The rebels, with coach Nix, are going to blitz. So the O line has to pick up the blitz and give time for whomever the QB is to make a play. The O line must play their assignments today and play as a unit. With this I must mention that the RB/FB must also step up big today to protect the QB b/c the rebels are going to pin their ears back and come after Smelley/Garcia today.

2. USC QB Play --- I voted for Garcia but Smelley got the nod. I think whomever is in the pocket must recognize what the D is showing, make a audible and make good decisions. Today we may see some more running from Garcia as the blitz package of Ole Miss may (I hope not) disrupt the SC O line. The QB has to keep the chains moving today and keep the USC offense on the field. The Gamecocks lead the SEC in 1st downs this season (glad we cheer for that), totaling 112 which is 22.4 a game. We need that kind of game today...moving the sticks and playing like a USC Offense should. Also who ever is in the pocket, please spread the ball around to the WR/TE. McKinley (if plays) and Cook do not need to meet their quota...we just need to win!

3. No Penalties --- Simple .... no dumb mistakes and in SEC play you can not beat yourself so think boys and play football. No false starts especially!

4. USC must Win the TO game --- USC Offense, you have thrown enough INTs this year so please no more and no more fumbles. I need to see zero TO's from the offense today. USC Defense has to create today as it will help the field position game also which SC has to win. They need to cause a fumble or get a timely INT. Again this is a SEC game so man up!

5. USC must play with "fire in their belly" --- I have stated this for a couple of weeks now, since the Vandy game. We have a defense that is hungry and playing hard...We need the Offense to play with a sense of hard and be hungry for the win. USC can not simply go through the motions on offense...time to play SEC ball, time to show why you play Div 1 ball, time to make gamecock nation proud again, time to make Hyman and Spurrier look smart again. Barnes, Brown and others need to step up on Offense and Defense needs just to keep playing strong as a unit. Boys it is time to see the drive in the eyes!

So with that I think it is going to be close and USC will get down but come back. I hope Succop has come to play as he will be looked on to be the factor that makes a difference today...
I predict a 30 - 27 USC win.

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