Friday, September 05, 2008

Vandy beats USC....again!

I tried to think of a word stronger than disappointed but could not today....I am shocked by what I watched thursday evening vs Vandy. Props to Vandy for beating Carolina 24-17.
Vandy responded after half, came out a new team, got some breaks and beat SC. Granted USC shot themselves in the foot so many dang times it is not funny. Oh well....I feel sorry for the SC defense b/c the SC offense is so bad.
Blog reports on the game

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Anonymous said...

Another "Wait 'till next year" season.

It might be the second game of twelve, but we should not lose to Vandy.
We have played good football for about 2 of the eight quarters we've played. If we continue this trend we will be an embarrassment.
If the Gamecocks want to turn this season around now is the time to do it. I don't think they can, but if anything will light a fire under their butt, this might.