Monday, September 01, 2008

Poor Klempson

It was that ugly.

Alabama outgained Clemson 419-188 and outrushed the Tigers 239-0 (that’s not a misprint).

Zero rushing yards as a team guess it was a dome and 'thunder & lighting' can not happen inside, right?

Let's get this over with and say that Clemson got punished and embarrassed over the weekend against Alabama. I really thought the game was going to be a lot closer but I guess that is what I get for giving CU credit against a SEC opponent. I should have remembered Auburn but I really did think that Clemson had the talent. Scratch that...they do have the talent and I feel (and have felt) that the problem lies with Tommy Bowden.

Clemson got outplayed and walked on the field like they knew or should I say deserved to when b/c they were #9. That my friends is the fault of the coaches (i.e Bowden) for letting the players think they were just that good. We all know preseason polls do not mean anything and in today's world with 12 games...well you gots to earn those 'W's.' Sorry baby bowden it is not human error but simply a beating. You and the other coaches did not prepare nor adjust at half so it results in a beating. Don't blame injuries b/c every team has them.

Bowden plays not to lose rather than plays to win....I have said that for 7 years now. Every big game they suck. When will fans realize this, yes he has a great team and has done well recruiting (even if his actions are odd) but for every big game they suck. Clemson’s record against nationally ranked opponents is 13-22 under Bowden, 2-6 outside the Atlantic Coast Conference -- the two being wins over South Carolina.

Clemson stands a good chance of heading into the season finale against the Gamecocks with a 10-1 record. But I'd be significantly more impressed if USC came into that contest at 8-3 or maybe even 7-4. The Gamecocks have to get by Georgia, LSU, Tennessee and Florida along the way, so three or four losses for them would say a lot more than the Tigers' one. It goes to show the obvious disparity currently present between the ACC and SEC. It seems to grow larger every year.

Oh well I will stop there for today b/c god knows we could talk about this one for a good bit....

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