Thursday, July 03, 2008

LOHD recommends this drink this summer

Anyone that golfs knows about "The Arnold Palmer" or what is referred to in the south as "half and half;" you know half sweet tea and lemonade. It is one of the best drinks after a round of 18 or for just relaxing on a hot day. Which brings us to this drink and the upcoming 2008 college football season. This drink is a must for the first month of S Carolina games due to the 'columbia heat.'

After I had this drink over the weekend, my first thought was - why didn't I think of that - I mean sweet tea vodka...geez.

But here is LOHD drink for summer 2008 -

Firefly Sweet Tea Vodka is the distillery's newest product on the market. The product is an infusion of American Tea and Firefly Vodka. Firefly Distillery is proud to bring true southern products to the marketplace. (70 proof)

Here is how to make the LOHD summer concoction:
-Get a tall glass and fill it up with some ice.
-Then simply take the Firefly Sweet Tea Vodka and pour about half a glass then get some good lemonade and fill the other half of the glass.
-Optional - put a lime and a lemon in the drink.

Now sit back and enjoy the warm summer months!

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