Thursday, July 03, 2008

Former Gamecock Corey Boyd invovled in a Fight

During a budget meeting? I must admit I know I have gotten test-y during meetings involving finances and how to spend money but to get in a fight with your teammate? Not a smart move by former gamecock running back Corey Boyd.

Full Story HERE and thanks to 'old man' but to highlight it -

During the NFL's rookie symposium, which is designed to teach 1st-year players life skills, Buccaneers rookies Cory Boyd and Aqib Talib chose to brawl with each other. Pro Football Talk is reporting that Talib, the Bucs' 1st-round pick, and Boyd, the Bucs 7th-round pick, had been exchanging words all day, and they finally got down to the fisticuffs in the "budgets and finance" meeting.

Way to go Corey, you have made Gamecock Nation so proud ! Just hope you don't get cut now by Tampa Bay !

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