Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Vincent out at Klempson

Per The State: Cortney Vincent has been kicked off the CU Football Team. They did not really say but it seems it is a combo of violating team rules last year, got a DUI in December, and did poorly academically this past spring. After the DUI, Clemson should have done something a little harsher to grab this guys attention and not let him play in the Peach Bowl. If they were tough with him then they might have avoided this but who are we kidding...it is clemson and they get a free pass when it comes to football related items. DUI no big deal, kicked off the team no big deal and not worth covering like a USC football issue...oh and let's not even talk about Ray Ray Gate.

This means Clemson has to replace all three starting linebackers from last year.....could be what they blame not winning the ACC in 08 on, as they always find excuses.

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