Monday, May 19, 2008

New respect for Caddies

I must say after being a caddy for Thursday and Friday of this past week for the BMW Charity Pro-Am, I have a new found respect for people that caddy.

I have walked some courses in my life and rode in carts the other times but doing caddy work is not as easy as it looks on TV. So many little things that you have to do but at the was a great experience.

I agreed to caddy for a friend of mine that got the opportunity to play in the group with George Rogers and the pro was Gary Hallberg. It was fun to hang out with George for 2 days and cut up with him. I must say he is a nice guy and loves to laugh. He has fun and is a crowd favorite. I was amazed at how not only he is a great golfer and that he lies when he says he is a 14 handicap but he accommodates every autograph seeker unlike a few others that we ran into (i.e Luke Wilson). Big George can crush a ball 300 yds but also has a soft feel around the greens. Oh and I got some autographs so don't worry but anyone can get those just show up 1 hour before a USC football game and go to the left of the stadium and there will be the #38 signing autographs.

Gary Hallberg is a class act. A true gentleman of the game of golf. Gary didn't play so hot the first two days with a +1 score but the guy I caddied for was at -9 heading into Saturday and big George was -13. None of the three golfers I was around made the final day cut.

Even my wife (Mrs. Flounder) has a new respect for the game of golf after walking the course, following golfers and celebs and sitting around the 18th Skybox. So to all the caddies out there....I understand what it takes and know that it is much more than a walk.

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Snead said...

Rick Reilly took a great look at caddying for his book "Who's Your Caddy?". He works the course for a wide range of golfers. It's a fun, easy read worth checking out.