Monday, May 05, 2008

USC should welcome Perrilloux

We all know by now that Ryan Perrilloux has gotten kicked off the team at LSU for some "trouble" -- well I think he would fit in nicely at THE University of South Carolina and we should offer him a scholarship. Our team of misfits, I mean football team has not had the best record and I am not talking about 6-6 either. It would be great to see Spurrier and Co offer Ryan the chance to come to USC.

We like our QBs to be trouble makers...I mean outstanding playmakers. Steve has shown that he believes in giving kids plenty of chances and I agree with that to an extent but let's give Ryan a chance.

There have been seven USC players arrested or cited since Dec. 31, including five charged with alcohol- or drug-related taking one more player like this onto the team is not a big deal, right?

I know he would have to sit out a year but I am okay with that and it would be great to see Ryan take the field in the garnet and black in 09. Seriously, not kidding here...we should ask Ryan to join the Gamecock nation. And don't say it would be a black eye for the school because after our football team (and womens basketball team) we are becoming use to getting black eyes.



Cocktail said...

give the boy a free ride and an cadillac! right now our quarterbacks are dick

or is it said...

looks like the other gamecocks beat us to it. jacksonville St is talking with perrilloux.