Wednesday, February 06, 2008

Signing day...

Clemson is eating our lunch but I trust USC knows what they are doing, right?

“I’m a little surprised, to be honest with you, that South Carolina is struggling as much as they are,” said Jamie Newberg, national recruiting analyst for

I agree with ya Newberg but then again we have a some coaching changes, a 6-6 season and a vacation at home over the holidays while 60+ teams were having some bowl fun.

Yes, at the end of the day - Clemson will end up with a highly rated recruiting class. Big whoop, I say and we had a top 5 class last year (according to ESPN). And one thing the papers and critics are not saying is the facts. Here's the breakdown of team recruiting rankings ( since 2002

  • USC: #11, #8, #35 , #23, #24, #6

Average = #18

  • Clemson: #22, #67, #53, #17, #15, #16

Average = #32

What I do find odd however is this: Clemson is actually recruiting better against Spurrier than they did against Holtz. USC's rankings haven't changed that much from one coach to the next. Pretty much the same pattern through the Holtz and Spurrier eras so far. But ever since Spurrier arrived in Columbia, Clemson has been doing much better. This will be the 3rd time in Spurrier's 4 recruiting seasons that Tommy has signed a higher rated class even though they struggled mightily a few years when Holtz was their primary recruiting opposition. I wouldn't have guessed it would turn out that way back in November of 2004. What are they selling?

Well no Streeter but the Class USC is putting together is hopefully going to stay within the Top 25 (thanks to Sutton).

I know there is more to it than rankings and I only hope that Spurrier & Co know what they are doing.

Updates -

Why isn't a single member of the Top 100 prospects list put out by recruiting website coming to USC?

-Team Rankings (updated at 1pm)

---USC Signees
---Clemson signees


JR said...

Hark, I found the secret to clempson's recruiting class success this year, they simply played this video...

hopeful outlook said...

wow clemson racking it up with a top 15 finish per rivals and #2 according to ESPN.

to bad those boys are going to be losing to USC for the next four to 5 years