Monday, September 24, 2007

Big 10 power ranking

Well know that Division II schools can be ranked I figured I would throw my 2 cents into the big 10 power ranking.,

1. Ohio State 4-0 (who knows, they won't play app state or Wofford)
2. Wofford 3-1 (couldn't beat NC State, but would run the table in the Big 10)
3. Appalachian State 3-1 (would love to play in the Big 10 to stay away from Wofford)
4. Purdue 4-0 (best school in Indiana right now, big surprise)
5. Wisconsin 4-0 (Citadel scored 31, enough said)
6. Illinois 3-1 (Ron Zoon, Wishes he still had spurriers players)
7. Michigan 2-2 (Big blue flat out sucks, Bring on Les Miles)
8. Michigan State 4-0 (Way to beat up on ND)
9. Indiana 3-1 (Lee Corso couldn't even get a winning season here)
10.Penn State 3-1 (about time for a new coach)
11 Iowa 2-2 (Northern Iowa is the real deal)
12Northwestern 2-2 (lost to duke, go big 10)
13. Minnesota 1-3 (Bring back Laurence Maroney)
14. Notre Dame 0-4 (Offensive coach of the year)

The big 10 has finally beat out the ACC for worst Conference.

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