Thursday, September 27, 2007

The Gamecocks vs. Corso saga continues

Here is a new twist to the debate and we would love to hear your thoughts. With the WIS TV response and the USA Today weighing in...boy it is fun.

I think the marketing campaign surrounding the comments Corso made is great and gets the fanbase fired up. Keep in mind that is the point - to create a buzz around the football program and to get people interested (which could lead to booster club donations). If Corso and ESPN get mad or whatever then fine..cry me a river...they give opinions and if we call them out on the Spurrier winning the SEC thing then fine by me....we too are entitled to our opinion.

Here is the latest-

Perspective: WIS Editorial on USC vs. Lee Corso by General Manager
Mel Stebbins

If you went to the Gamecock football team's home opener, you probably saw a video on the scoreboard that took some shots at ESPN football analyst Lee Corso.

In a recent State Newspaper article, columnist Ron Morris says the University of South Carolina's Athletic Department demonstrated no class, and called the scoreboard video "tasteless." That video included the now infamous comment by Corso, "I don't think Spurrier can win the SEC or the national title. I don't care if he coaches here 400 years."

Morris points out that Corso, as a football analyst, gets paid to offer his opinion and yes, he made the remark two years ago. Corso's response? "I can't control what they do or say. I can just give my opinion."

But this wasn't just an opinion, it was a monumental gaff on Corso's part. If the Athletic Department can use that memorable opinion to help inspire donors in the capital fundraising campaign, why not? If Coach Spurrier can use it to rev up fans and players, why not have some fun at Corso's expense?

By the way, in ten years as head football coach of the Indiana Hoosiers, Lee Corso's record was 41 wins, 68 losses, and 2 ties. So much for expert analysis. Let us know what you think and, Mr. Morris, if you would like to respond to this editorial, you're certainly welcome.

(Source: LOHD reader Gray and on the web here.)


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