Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Almost game time

Well it is that time again, were as a gamecock fan you don’t know what to think. Clemson was steamrolling everybody until last weekend when they ran into the Eagles. Let’s just hope OBC has had enough time to find a wrinkle in the Clemson team, to allow us to do what we did last year.

So today’s I hate Clemson them is……favorite IPTAY acronyms

1.) I Plant Taters And Yams
2.) I Pay Ten Athletes Yearly
3.) Internet Porn Taught All Year
4.) I Plowed Ten Acres Yesterday
5.) It's prison time again ya'll


bowden is gay said...

I guess last week one of you guys posted something about agreeing with Ron Morris. Well you shouldnt. He obviously knows nothing about our team. He doesnt even know our colors. This is from his article in today's state paper about the rivalry.

About the only remaining animosity between the programs exists among the fans. USC fans' dislike for anything orange, and likewise Clemson fans' distaste for garnet and gold, will perhaps never fade. That is a given.


Ron sucks Tommy off said...

Okay i got another. I fucking hate Ron Morris. Why in the hell does he write for the State newspaper is Columbia, SC. It seems to me he is employed by clemson and should be writing for that shit can newspaper up there in greenville or something. here is the link to another article comparing gameday atmoshphere at Clemson and USC. Fuck Ron Morris

ps i am trying to get a R rating for this blog you cum dumpsters

General Malaise said...

We appreciate your efforts Ron sucks tommy off - keep up the good work.

brad Scott Jr said...

Clemson joke

How to you circumcise a Clemson fan...

You kick his sister in the jaw


Tammy Bowdin said...

You know a Clemson student discovered another use for sheep….