Monday, October 22, 2007

To boo or not to boo

That is the question. I agree that fans should not boo their own team especially when they struggle and especially when it is more the coaches fault. I don't think fans should boo opposing teams either as they enter the stadium. But what was on display this past weekend was, how should we say, "not so good" and a boo was deserved (let the record show however I was not one of those that did boo yet feel the performance by USC deserved it).
There is a article in today's STATE paper that brings this to light - here.

Two areas that deserve a "disappointing" label (and a boo) after their performance is the play of the O line and the 2 QB system. The coolchicken discusses the two QB decision here and I agree with him. Also this is what Spurrier had to say in the paper about his decision to rotate -

Spurrier second-guessed his decision to alternate quarterbacks Chris Smelley and Mitchell, who combined to throw three interceptions, two inside the Commodores’
36-yard line. “Anytime it doesn’t work out very well, you always say, ‘Oops, shouldn’t have done that,’ ” said Spurrier, adding that the shuffling did not affect the outcome.

After a performance like that all we get is a "oops"...geez. That is something you say after you spill water not orchestrate a terrible offensive show.

I applaud Spurrier for having the balls to bench Mitchell for not performing this season, most coaches would not bench a 5th yr senior in favor of a redshirt freshman. Keep in mind that is what Smelley is, a redshirt freshman, so he is going to make dumb passes but he is the type that needs rhythm. Two QB systems work when you have one who is a pocket passer and the other is a running style qb (see FLA in 06 and LSU in 07 as examples). Mitchell and Smelley are pretty much the same style QB so to rotate does not make sense; now if we still had Newton then yeah put him in when the Oline sucks (i.e see USC in 06). I guess it shows just how valuable Newton was to the Gamecocks.

And to end this with a discussion of the offensive line, well they were just pitiful and have been all season. The play of the O line is crucial to everything else and so far this season it has been "not so good." Maybe we need to focus on recruiting O linemen and not worry about having 10 WRs on the team.

Think about this ---In 217 games, Spurrier's teams have failed to score at least 10 points just 10 times. Our offense is 93rd among 119 Bowl Subdivision teams in total offense (340.5 yards per game). USC has given 26 sacks for minus-175 yards, which is the most in the league and ranks 107th out of 119 Division I teams nationally. Last year, the Gamecocks allowed 24 sacks for 149 yards in 13 games. Only six teams in the country have yielded more sacks than USC’s 26 so far this year.

Vandy simply capitalized on our weakness and expect Tennessee to do the same. Simply blitz, get your d line to pressure our QBs, rattle our O line so no running lanes are created and have your secondary play the ball.

Well it is what it is and let's move on from this loss to Vandy. The team got booed and we dropped from the top 10. It is time to focus on Tennessee. Oh and speaking of our upcoming opponent.....The Volunteers had a rare Sunday night practice in hopes of quickly putting their 41-17 loss at Alabama behind them; "just get it washed and get the corrections made," UT coach Phillip Fulmer said. Should we have done something like that?


danny bored said...

I guess is shows that Dev is correct when he questions if we were better than UNC, UK and others...I guess we are not and our luck as ran out.

dhevy said...

USC, which made 2-of-24 third downs against North Carolina and Vandy, is tied with Auburn for last in the SEC with a third-down conversion rate of 34.9 percent. ... Safety Emanuel Cook is the SEC’s sixth-leading tackler (8.1 stops a game).