Friday, October 26, 2007


Well it looks like old Ebeneazer McHyman has finally decided to send our pep band to an away game. It seems after the outrage of not sending the pep band to LSU he decided it would be nice not to have his email and voicemail box full. Of course you know we will pay for this next year when fairground parking goes up to $300 and the fair is in town for 2 game weekends.

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I wanted to share with you our decision to send the South Carolina pep band to Arkansas next Saturday. It wasn't in the original plan, but we understand that bringing the spirit of the Gamecock Nation on the road is essential for our fans. The band and cheerleaders are an important component of a successful athletics program. We are raising expectations for everyone in the Gamecock Nation, are committed to battling for championships and want to give Coach Spurrier and our team the best opportunity to have success on the field. The Game Is On!
Eric Hyman

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Moose said...

About damn time you stepped up Hyman. We could have used the Band in LSU. Stop thinking like a Sub division AD and starting thinking like a SEC AD.