Sunday, October 14, 2007

Review of the 5 Keys

Gamecocks beat the Tarheels 21 to 15 yesterday. So, what do we take away from the UNC win...just that it was a win and move on. Not the flashy win we need nor a great game. It will go down as a 'W' and at the end of the day that is all that matters, right?

Let's review the 5 keys to a win we posted here earlier:

1. Smelley must be on 'q'--- USC quarterback Chris Smelley was 17 for 26 with 172 yards passing to go with 1 INT and 3 TDs. Not a bad day but what hurt him (besides the O line performance) was a weak 2nd half. USC threw just 7 passes in the 2nd half and managed just 62 yards on 23 plays. He did have scoring passes to three different receivers, covering 3 yards to Dion Lecorn, 30 yards to McKinley and 12 yards to Jared Cook. I give him and the offense a 'C+.'

2. SC Special Teams --- Gamecocks missed a crucial FG towards the end that could have "saved the drama for your mommy," but they did hold UNC KR Tate to just 60 yards total on KRs and 6 yards on PRs. The one highlight was the hit SC's Cody Wells put on UNC KR Tate. It knocked Tate out for the game and made for a good replay. I have to give them a 'C' also.

3. SC Defense must continue the trend --- Heck of a game was played in the 1st half - they shut down UNC but the second half was a different ball game. USC gave up 286 yards in the 2nd half to 112 yards in the 1st half. UNC passed for 221 yards of its 286 yards in the 2nd half. The 2nd half the defense looked lost at times (I know they had a ton of injuries) but at least the D stood tall at the end of the game to knock down 2 hail mary try's. I give this key a "B-" only b/c the defense won the game for us at the end.

4. Boyd / Davis must run run run --- Boyd had 95 yards rushing and Mike Davis had 28 yards. Mike Davis has a fumble but again in the second half the entire offense was poor. These two could not find running room so I have to give this key a "C" rating b/c they played well for the first 30 mins.

5. Gamecock TE play --- Saunders/Cook/Boyd did good things. Andy Boyd was forced out of the game with a injury but Cook played nicely when given a chance (which was only in the 1st half). Cook had 3 rec for 55 yards and a TD. So I give them a "C+" here due to the fact that again in the 1st half it was clicking but in the 2nd it was not there.

It was not a stellar performance but the 1st half was enough (barely) to win...thoughts?

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