Wednesday, October 17, 2007

A Baylor coach did what?

Baylor offensive line coach Eric Schnupp was cited for urinating on a bar in a Waco tavern. Though he was not arrested, he was cited for a class C misdemeanor which carries a $258 fine. On Tuesday Coach Guy Morriss, who was happy to have his name in the news, said Schnupp is suspended indefinitely.

The suspension of Schnupp comes at a time Baylor can little afford to lose coaches. Last week Baylor 3-4 (0-3) nearly broke through for their first conference win on the road against Top-25 Kansas. Falling behind 3-0 early in the game, Baylor stormed back against the Jayhawks to go on an 11 play 50 yard drive that ended with an emphatic field goal of their own. Tied 3-3 Baylor handed the game over to Coach Schnupp to try to win the game with their vaunted running attack. Apparently, someone on the Coaching staff (Fire Guy Morriss!!) forgot that Baylor can't run the ball and is ranked 112th in the country in rushing offense. Did I mention Schnupp is the o-line coach? Without being able to run the ball (48 yards on 19 attempts), Baylor was unable to hang with the Jayhawks and lost a nail-biter 58-10.

What does relieving oneself on a bar have to do with Coaching the offensive line? Well, nothing really, but if you relieve yourself on a bar, while the police are already there for another reason and you get caught, then you are fair game to be ridiculed. The real question is how did Baylor, the world's largest baptist university, allow a counter-pisser to be involved with their fine university. Apparently, they didn't do their research. It seems Schnupp was a member of the University of Miami football team from 1995-2000.

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JR said...

Sources close to Baylor have reported that offensive line coach Eric Schnupp will hire veteran public urination attorney JR to have this case acquitted. JR has reportedly never lost an urination case to date.

“I look forward to helping my fellow coaching counterpart and seek to get him back at Baylor asap. There comes a time and a place to urinate. I hope we can resolve the matter without pissing anyone else off.” No pun intended…End quote JR....

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