Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Mitchell he is our man....

but the question is for how long? Coach Steve Spurrier said Tuesday that he's going to give fifth-year senior Blake Mitchell "the opportunity" to finish the season as the starting QB.

Will this be a repeat of last year where Blake comes in to save the day after the offensive line figured out how to block? Or is this a last resort for Spurrier since Smelley still is making freshman mistakes and Beecher is not ready for the prime time?

This year, Mitchell lost his job at halftime of USC's 28-16 loss at No. 2 LSU on Sept. 22. He didn't play a snap the next three games before splitting time in USC's stunning 17-6 loss to Vanderbilt two weeks ago. Smelley started in Saturday's 27-24 overtime loss at Tennessee, but Mitchell came on with 9:48 left in the second quarter and USC down 14-0 and went the distance.

In his final 18 quarters last year Mitchell hit 69.4 percent of his passes (102 of 147) for 1,467 yards and twice as many touchdowns (10) as interceptions. Against Tennessee last week, Mitchell helped rally USC for 24 second-half points after coming on for Smelley, who was three for five for 40 yards and an interception. Mitchell completed 31 of 45 passes for 290 yards and one touchdown along with one interception.

So my question is -- How many of you think Blake will keep his job as the starting QB for the rest of the season or do you think Spurrier will pull the rug out from under him as soon as he makes a mistake and go with Smelley or Beecher?

Let's be honest here the USC football team has an opportunity to seize the moment (as they have had all year but decide to screw up each time). THE STATE and our friend at the Garnet & Black Blog laid it out HERE on how to win the SEC East.

USC Football Team should adopt Carpe Diem as their new slogon for the rest of the season!

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