Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Arkansas’ Monk to Play

As reported in the news today, it seems the preseason All-Southeastern Conference first-team selection Marcus Monk will play against USC this Saturday.

This is the same guy that took advantage of the SC secondary last year to the tune of eight receptions for 192 yards with a touchdown.

The game plan of the USC Defense should be on the Arkansas backfield - McFadden/Jones. Put enough in the box to stop the run (or swing pass) and then let Captain play Monk. If we can play like we did against UT in last week's second half then we should walk away a winner. Granted if we get the ball to bounce our way and stop fumbling / throwing bad passes on offense.

What do you guys think?


simon said...

Spurrier also said that in memory of the six USC students killed in a house fire this past weekend on Ocean Isle, North Carolina, the Gamecocks would wear a sticker on their helmets that will state, “Forever To Be.”

Harry T said...

Monk schooled us last year. Maybe this year he won't get every 3-10 catch. come on gamecock D.