Thursday, April 26, 2007

Poll questions

Well it is that time again, more poll questions! Since I don’t want to talk about the Clemson game from last night I figure this is one way to get past it. Feel free to answer.

1.) Favorite breakfast food
2.) Chips and Salsa or Potato chips and French onion dip
3.) Favorite thing to grill
4.) Favorite fast food restaurant. (any jack in the box fans)
5.) Midday snack- Fruit, junk food or something else


Smart Neck said...

Hot fries and a Diet Mt. Dew

Chips and salsa

a Fat porterhouse


banana and sometimes yogurt

Moose said...

1.) smothered and covered hashbrowns, 2 eggs and a ton of bacon

2.) Chips and Salsa, throw in some cheese dip

3.) pork tenderloin or ribs

4.) taco bell

5.) fruit most of the time

Flounder said...

2 eggs, 2 bacon, 2 sausage links and a biscuit

chips and salsa




Anonymous said...

cocktail says:
1. tortilla with refried beans, 4 egg whites, peppers and onions with sour cream and salsa.
2. salsa and guac
3. cedar plank salmon
4. sonic
5. wasabi rice crackers with spicy hummus and a side of man ass

smart neck said...


Stay away from the Food network

Big Angry said...

texas omlet w/ the hashbrowns w/ shrooms

chips and salsa

tenderloin wrapped in bacon and jalapeno

crystal burger


Man Child said...

love the name "Big Angry" very fitting for the writer formerly known as Porter.

Easy weezy said...

LOHD should recurit "cocktail" to be a writer devoted to menu items, restuarant reviews and recipies.

Moose said...

Must be a slow Thursday hear on the internet.

I will speak with the staff and see if we need to have a recipe/restaurant review section on the blog. I might need a sample writing from Cocktail before a decision can be made.

Big Angry said...

due to cocktails comments leads me to believe he is now doing backdoor broadway

Skipper in Aynor said...

hahah....big angry is big funny today...medication must be working.

Big Angry said...

my medication will come in another shipment on sunday

oldman said... ham, 2 eggs sunny side up, hash browns, bisquits and gravy

2. chips and salsa

3. hot dogs or hamburgers (there easy)

4.lately, burger king

5. granola bar

Anonymous said...

I will be more than happy to write of food, clothing, sex, fine wine, music and all other metrosexual issues one may discuss. Glad to see there is an interest in things other than Costa del mars and boat shoes. Someone from LOHD needs to come review my show in Atlanta next weekend. Maybe Old Man, JRod Skipper and Moose? And yes you can wear brown shoes with a dark suit if the belt matches. God speed:) Cocktail

A-Dubs said...

1. Pop Tart
2. Chips and Salsa - Yummy
3. Hot Dog
4. Wendys...all fast food is so bad for you though!
5. Junk food, eating a candy bar right now!

Big Angry said...

Cocktail i would love to come to your show however i will be in attendance of my brothers bachelor party in Savannah. I hope you sing well. Make sure you take lots of CASH due to your nasty habit of Shoe Shows and Lap Dances.