Friday, January 26, 2007

who are we kidding

Nov. 10S.C. State6,2146,307
Nov. 19Lipscomb3,37712,626
Dec. 2Clemson10,05014,540
Dec. 7Charleston6,24014,760
Dec. 20Princeton6,45812,271
Dec. 28UNC Asheville5,24313,776
Dec. 29Jacksonville2,50812,955
Jan. 3W. Carolina4,47613,084
Jan. 7Kansas10,49314,713
Jan. 13Florida8,42013,828
Jan. 17Kentucky7,31313,809
Jan. 24Arkansas5,272


These are the attendance reports listed by the state newspapter this morning.

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rishi's banker said...

next we will see fans wearing paper bags on their head...