Thursday, January 25, 2007

Remember these guys...

Renaldo Balkman {#32} for the New York Knicks is having "not so much" success his first year or for what many expect from a first round draft pick. We promised a "Balkman Watch" and some asked about Kinsey so LOHD thought it would be a good time for a update.

Let's look at his number so far this season:

He has played in 40 games, averaging 13:24 mins a game with 3.4 points per game and 3.4 rebounds per game with .7 assists a game, .6 steals a game and .8 blocks a game. Not exactly "stellar" numbers.

Tarance Kinsey {#7} for the Memphis Grizzlies is just now getting some "PT" but is still not a factor on the team in his first year. He did not play in any games for the entire month of November and played here and there in December. But lately he has earned some "PT." He was undrafted out of college and signed as a free agent.

Look at his numbers this year:

Kinsey has played in 15 games, averaging 9 mins a game with 2.4 points per game with a rebound, assist, steal and block here and there.

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smart Neck said...

Just wait until Konate gets drafted with his whooping stats. He is averaging 23 turnovers for every 1 assist in his two seasons as a gamecock. Now that is impressive.

Go Cocks