Monday, January 15, 2007

Which WR would you choose?

Alright let's imagine you were in charge of drafting for your favorite NFL team and you had to choose a WR (also had to rank them).

Out of this list of the 'highly' regarded WR's that are going pro, which would you chose for your team? And how would you rank these guys? Is there a 'sleeper' out there that I am missing from this list that needs to be on the list?

-Dwayne Bowe of LSU
-Tennessee's Robert Meachem
-Georgia Tech's Calvin Johnson
-Southern California's Dwayne Jarrett
-Ohio State's Ted Ginn Jr.
-SC's Sidney Rice


smart neck said...

1st Georgia Tech's Calvin Johnson
2nd Southern California's Dwayne Jarrett
3rd SC's Sidney Rice
4th Dwayne Bowe of LSU
5th Tennessee's Robert Meachem
6th Ohio State's Ted Ginn Jr.- fast but really short for a NFL WR

3-5 could go an any order, all have good size and have the ablitiy

Anonymous said...

1st Calvin Johnson
2nd Dwayne Jarrett
3rd Sidney Rice
4th Robert Meachem
5th Dwayne Bowe of LSU
6th Ted Ginn Jr.

Moose said...

Mel Kiper from ESPN has Jeff Samerdzija up there as well. His new Big Board hasn't been updated since all the new players announced yesterday. Sidney was not in his top 5 WR as of yesterday.

smart Neck said...

Alot of young talent this NFL draft, Sidney should have stayed.