Tuesday, January 16, 2007

A little more on SC Recruiting...

I know some may be growing tired of reading about this subject but it could shape up to be a great year for SC football. Spurrier and Co. are in the process of laying a great foundation for SC football. So here is some more news...

Carlos Dunlap, DE -- rated by everyone in the Top 5 to 10 in the country and listed by most as the number 1 or 2 DE in the nation. Carlos Dunlap Jr. (6-6, 245) of Fort Dorchester canceled a visit to Tennessee (but he may end up visiting at some point) this past weekend and will choose either USC or Florida, his coach said Sunday according to The State paper. I feel our "playing card" in this battle for top talent is 'playing time.' Dunlap could come to SC and be a immediate factor for our defense where if he goes to UF or UT he may have to wait a bit to showcase his talent on the field.

Tom Luginbill's Top Five 2007 Classes as of 1/16/07
1. Notre Dame
2. Texas
3. USC
4. South Carolina
5. Florida

Also over at http://www.rivals.com/. They have South Carolina moving up to the 7 spot. Look at how they rank them.

2007 Football Recruiting Rankings as of 1/16/07
1. Texas
2. Tennessee
3. LSU
4. Florida
5. Southern Cal
6. Notre Dame
7. South Carolina
8. Nebraska
9. Georgia
10. Illinois

Other news --- Seems Korn might have some competition...

Junior quarterback Jon Richt (6-2, 205) of Athens, Ga., son of Georgia coach Mark Richt, told the Atlanta Journal-Constitution last week he strongly favors Clemson. The Tigers offered in camp last summer.

Any thoughts?

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Smart Neck said...

Willie Korn for life, forget Jon richt