Monday, October 30, 2006

Results from Saturday

I would like to thank everybody who participated in our first annual tailgating chili cook off; we had 4 great contestants with all original recipes. We have 29 people vote on the chili including Stanly the owner of the tailgating lot, who has competed in 5 chili cook off’s himself. Well here are the winners………

Best name goes too……. Kat’s Coot Fire Chili

Best Flavor goes too…… Project Widow Maker

Hottest goes too…. Dev’s bowtie Chili aka Dev’s ketchup mess, Dev’s Damn spaghetti

Tom-tom did receive one vote for hottest

Most original goes to... Blake’s Buffalo Chicken chili.

Best write in vote.... Worst f***ing chili ever.. dev's bowtie chili


I will post pictures later this week, as I am having some computer problems.


Anonymous said...

it was a great time....looking forward to next year!

Anonymous said...

now that the chili cook off is over when is the Oyster Roast?

Anonymous said...

Everyone did a great job with the chili cookoff! Thanks to everyone who participated and voted - it was a lot of fun! KAT

ritch said...

fun times and thanks LJ for hosting and to all that was fun times! Looking forward to next year....what is next?

Moose said...

Oyster Roast would be great.

IF anybody has any other idea's for Saturday's game against the hogs, please let me know.

Anonymous said... a bunch of BBQ and everyone bring "their" own sauce for taste testing and judge on best BBQ....of course everyone who eats would be charged 5 bucks to help recover cost of BBQ.

hungry said...

i say bbq to since we are playing the hogs, we should eat hogs.

Dev said...

BBQ sounds good. Palmetto Pig is reasonably priced. Let me know if you want me to look around here.

Moose said...

I will do anything as along as I don't have to eat any more chili