Wednesday, December 27, 2006

Politics: A look at Barack Hussein Obama

We here at LOHD like to talk about many different things "from sports to politics, with a little mixture of some antics from our crew and a splash of the unusal."

In talking about politics it seems that the race for 08 is shaping up. So every so often on LOHD we may throw a "bone" at ya with some politcal thoughts to satisfy the need for a 'leftover hot dog.'

Here is a thought for that 'dog.....Seems the national media is pushing for a Obama vs. Clinton on the left and a Romney vs. McCain on the right, to determine the next Chief. African American vs a Woman. POW vs. a Mormon.

Well, LOHD ran across a interesting piece on Obama. Becasue let's be honest who is this guy and where did he come from. We know the famous speech he gave that sent chills up some spines of Liberals that they have not felt since JFK. Obama's trick of voting like a liberal and talking like a moderate is working. The media is eating it up right now but what is this guy all about?

Well here is a interesting fact: The nonpartisan National Journal gives Mr. Obama an 82.5 liberal rating in the Senate. For comparison, National Journal gives Sen. Hillary Clinton -- the other most-talked about Democratic presidential wannabe -- a 79.8 rating. But the media is talking about the "other" Obama that is more liberal than most liberals, the media is in love with this smooth talker that talks big picture stuff. His record as a state senator does not even get a thought and has been effectively wiped clean since he entered the U.S. Senate? I guess it is fitting since the early days of Bush before he ran where not really discussed. Election 08 seems to be on the front burner with the media so look for more thoughts in the future.

What another serving....Read more here: Washington Times (Editorial)

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carl lewis said...

I am already tired of the 08 election