Friday, December 29, 2006

Its game day Bitch's

Well it is a bowl game, which sounds pretty good if you have been a gamecock fan for a long time. The Outback bowls were great while I was in School but last years Shreveport, Louisiana poor-white trash bowl was hard to swallow. Granted we blew a large lead to a crappy Missouri team, which we should have smashed.

The bowl sets up a match up of bowl troubled team with Carolina being 3-11 in bowls games in the last 100 years and Houston losing there last 5 bowl appearances. If Carolina can stop the Houston high flying offense we assignment football, and have a balanced offensive attach, we should win by double digits. If Fred and Carlos decided to play there normal touchdown corner football we might be in for a long day against a Conference USA powerhouse.
My final prediction
SC 38 Houston 17
Cory Boyd & Blake Mitchell Co-Liberty Bowl MVP's
Kevin Kolb 15- 40 Passing with 3 picks

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General Malaise said...

Not so fast my friend... beware, although USC's defense is bigger, faster, and more complex than anything Houston has seen this year, it still has its Achilles' heels. I would like to proffer the following examples of weaknesses that could be difficult for us to overcome: Fred forgetting to cover people as they run downfield; Carlos's inability to follow a crossing pattern through a rub route or to switch properly on a cross; Stoney Woodson - need I say more; Syvelle Newton - inexperienced at a new position.
That being said fear not, we would have to be cursed or something to have to worry.