Monday, August 28, 2006

Who you with

Well we are here, this week college football starts. As every body’s predictions are coming to a peak, followed by anticipation and planning for tailgating and places to watch the road games. Well all that comes to an end on Thursday when the season starts. Someone once said “College football isn’t life or Death, it is more than that”. So I was thinking of some quotes that I hope to hear this season.

Wow Mississippi state really sucks

Damn Jawga is really over rated

Wow Steve Spurrier owns Urban Myers

Poor Wolford, Willie Corn could have started there in Middle School

I really thought Kenny Irons had a shot @ the Heisman trophy, I guess not.

Tables have turned Tater fans

Wake Forrest again, come on Bowden

Thank God Duke isn’t on our Schedule

Thank God Temple is.

First George now Sydney

Put in Smelly!

Fans buy your tickets to Glen Dale

Bye Bye Fat Phil

Mitchell to Rice for another Touchdown

Please fill free to add!!


rishi finder said...

I like to add one that I know will be heard...."Where is Rishi?"

ritch said...

"i hate gamecock club," will be heard also.

penny said...

'never come to my caboose again' will be the last thing jarod oates ever says to me

penny said...

speaking of crazy, did anyone else hear mark may pick carolina to win the east on the preseason preview? lee corso almost had a heart attack

Moose said...

We talked about that all day on Saturday, not sure what happened to Mark (i hate the SEC)May. He has been anti-SC for many years, it is funny how the TV analysts all play favorites, like corso who always picked he boy Lou to Win the big game, and he never did. Picked Florida and TEnn to kill SC last year because he doesn't like Spurrier. corso also picked MSU to beat Carolina on Thursday

a-dubs said...

Lee Corso can kiss my a$$ is curse if he picks your school anyway. I agree with Mark. GO COCKS! Hey Penny!

Joey C. said...

I want to hear "Corky!"

Joey C. said...

I want to hear "Corky!"

Dev said...

'wait til next year'

Silly Carolina fans..