Thursday, August 31, 2006

Miss St Stream of Consciousness

4:17 First Beer

6:20 The grill is lit; 1st bourbon

7:24 More Fighting Cock. Preseason preview - Lou Holtz says Notre Dame will not only win the Heisman and the national championship but every Irish player past, present, and future will be cannonized

Do you think they'll let Lou still do this show when he can't talk anymore?

7:50 George (my friend) defends Vanderbilt's football tradition
George "We had a good football season last year"
Me "You only won 5 games"
George "It should have been 6 but we botched a FG against Middle Tennessee State"

7:53 Holtz says Notre Dame is underrated at #3. Senility takes hold.

8:00 ESPN starts coverage. Odds on SC losing: 1 in 4.

8:03 Miss St interception - prediction wasn't bad - turnovers matter.

8:05 Jasper Brinkley lights up Michael Henig - maybe he is as good as advertised?

8:06 Miss St badly hooks FG SC 0 Miss St 0 11:59 1st

8:11 Miss St's illegal noise makers are really annoying. The NCAA got rid of the 5 yard penalty, but it is still against SEC rules. Maybe we should put speakers on the field and blare ACDC whenever another team takes the field.

8:22 Apparently the average college football fan spends 3.124% of his life watching Beck's Light commercials

8:26 Blake out with ankle injury - Smelley in. 4:36 1st

8:28 SC 1st down - Cory Boyd 2nd effort - late hit - Miss St late hit #3; SC #75 (Thind) called for retaliating

8:40 end of 1st q. Blake gone; Defense playing well; Sidney 1 catch

8:45 Smelley goes deep on 1st; McKinley great catch; lost of pass interference; 1st down

8:47 Herbstreit: "Spurrier wants to get Smelley quality reps tonight" Check

8:49 SC - 3 MSU - 0 12:09 2nd - Can Succop keep it straight?

8:52 Blake just has stiches - good news

8:53 Switching back to beer, going to have to pay attention

8:57 7:37 2nd How fucked up is the SC punting formation? It's working though - MSU 15 total yards at best on 3 returns

9:07 Officials call a 15 yard "crack back" on Syvelle -> crack back is not a penalty; chop block is; ESPN can offer no replay

9:21 :33 2nd quarter some scrub qb almost throws to 5 yd line -> going for it on 4th and 7 -> scrub runs short of 1st down

10ish - getting drunker - updates coming less frequently

10:44 What did I tell you? Cory Boyd 19 yards; MSU worn down

10:46 8:19 4th How about Ryan Succop? 3/3 FGs Fake punt for first down; player of the game

10:52 6:00 4th Tyrone Nix's D is going for the jugular -> how nice is that? Attacking to obliterate - well done Tyrone

11:01 4:17 4th MSU President tore a tendon in his foot running with the o-line. He's supposed to be a four star general. Folks 4 star generals don't hurt their foot running

11:07 1:26 Victory Formation; Player of the Game: Ryan Succop, just like Tyler said


Moose said...

Worst commercials ever, Chapin furniture warehouse. Just try and listen to sports radio in Columbia, you will know what I am talking about.

Moose said...

Succop is no Dan Weaver, now he was a real kicker.

ritch said...

a 'W' is a 'W'....was not pretty but we will take it...UGA scares me now...

ritch said...

a 'W' is a 'W'....was not pretty but we will take it...UGA scares me now...

A-dubs said...


Anonymous said...

ritch when you look in the mirror it scares you... uga is nothing to be affraid of my son... they are what they are... a bunch of pussies... remember last time when they came into cola... all hyped up to win the sec... we busted their ass for a 20point lead... spuirrer will not call 56 consectutive qb kneels, or qb draws as lou called them... point-- when uga comes to town sc will be ready and will kick their ass 22-13! ... you just wait and see what we do to atlanta!

John Fox

Lee Corso said...

that is the confidence we need to succeed in the SEC, I think this is a down year for them and USC has nothing to lose. Granted Spurrier would never call 100 consecutive QB draws but if he had a black QB he would.

Go Lou

Dev said...

Dear Lou Holtz,
Go to Hell.