Friday, July 14, 2006

Clemson in violation?

I found the recent events that happened at Clemson interesting. I do hate to see tragedy strike and my prayers are with the family of Assistant Coach Jarrett Foster. He passed away from head injuries suffered on Lake Keowee while riding Yamaha WaveRunners with a pair of Clemson offensive linemen rising seniors Roman Fry and Nathan Bennett as well as a fourth person, Matthew Powell. My question is- will Clemson face an NCAA violation because of these tragic events?

"The two WaveRunners were owned separately by Timothy Hydrick and his mother-in-law, Patsy Thrift, both of Seneca. Hyrdick is listed on the Web site of IPTAY, the athletic department fundraising arm, as a district representative for Oconee County, while Patsy Thrift is married to Thomas Thrift, part owner of Thrift Bros. Inc., a prominent highway construction company also listed as a district representative and a donor to the WestZone Project expansion of the school football stadium." (from According to NCAA bylaw, a representative of an institution athletics interests may not provide a student-athlete with extra benefits or services, including, but not limited to, the use of an automobile or transportation.

Clemson has dealt with a boating issue before. In May 2001, the school docked the football program two scholarships for the 2002 season after reporting several secondary violations to the NCAA, among them a booster allowing recruits to use his boat. And you may remember USC and the "round of Golf" episode where several gamecock baseball players played a round of golf free with a booster, they were suspended for 3 games and the booster was barred for the baseball season...I wonder if this tragic situation causes Clemson to scholarship or if anything happens.

Not trying to exploit a tragic issue just wanted to raise the question because we all know how the 'watch dog' NCAA looks at things. The booster in question was a friend, so it is reported, of those involved and no special treatment was given they were actually just enjoying a day on the where do you draw the line between boosters and a true friend relationship with athletes? One of my co-workers has a son going to clemson who is a friend to a member of the men's basketball team. He asked me that if his son brought this friend home to spend time away from Clemson for the weekend and he allowed the member of the basketball team and son to take his boat to the lake, is that a violation?

I guess it is how you view this situation and the many issues that involve "special treatment." Loved to hear you guys"chew" on this one and keep watch on this issue, I think it has Tommy Bowden a little on edge.


Joey C. said...

Without mentioning specific events in USC's past/present, I feel for Clemson. I would rather beat the daylights out of them with a full squad so they have no excuses!

Moose said...

Ritch, Good points. I had the same questions, but the NCAA defines pre-existing conditions to the rule of allowing a player to use a booster’s service (golf, boat, and wife). They say if the player or booster has know and keep in touch since the players 10th grade year in high school, then it is not a violation to the university. I am not sure how you would have documentation of a friend other the pictures. I heard this from Ryan Brewer the other day on his radio show.