Friday, June 16, 2006

IT is go time

Well kids it is time for our annual trip to Tomtom’s lake house. The weekend will consist of drinking (of course) boating, fishing and my favorite wiffle ball. In the past I have had some bad luck on the day we return from the lake, like last year when I was floating in the water and drinking beer. As always we throw are empty cans on the shore line for easy clean up later in the day. Well dev and I had made a pretty nice beeramid on the beach and were trying knock it down with each beer we finished. Well as I went to riffle one off to the shore, my index finger slipped in to the mouth of the beer cutting the tip of my finger pretty severely. It kind of freaked me out for a little bit until I listed to my dentist dev, who told me to keep drinking. He said it will make the pain go away, well my future wife got pretty upset at the idea of this, he little to my knowledge beer thins out your blood. Thinks again, dev for trying to kill me, I figured it wasn’t the first and won’t be the last.

Another horror story from the lake is a couple years ago, while driving back form the lake, Cashwell decided that it would be better to take I-95 down to Florence and then I-20 back to Columbia. Well while driving back Cashwell’s jeep Cherokee catches on fire and burns to the ground. I am talking tires and all are melted to the side of the road like a grilled cheese sandwich.

The final story I will tell is when Gray and Oldman killed my girlfriends dog while I was at the lake. We are still unclear about how it happened but the dog defiantly died that weekend which pretty much put a damper on that relationship. Enough said, so those of you that read the blog please say a little prayer that I survive this weekend. There have been a couple close calls in the past but I am pretty sure I will make it back.

Have a good weekend.


penny said...

what i remember was the dog hanging himself while under your supervision, not unlike chester's permanent escape. we miss you little buddy

Moose said...

Well if you consider my supervision at the lake, then I guess I am guilty

Joey C. said...

Dude, maybe you shouldn't go!

Moose said...

and miss one of the best weekends of the summer, you must be crazy

Southern Sweetheart said...

hope you had a great weekend, assuming you get to read this meaning you survived it. :)