Monday, June 26, 2006

Calm Down Spurrier

I know we still have almost 2 months and a week till football season starts but I can’t wait till football season to start talking about football season. So with that said we are about 4 weeks out from the Gamecocks reporting for fall works out, and this summer has been nothing but Spurrier bitching about the program. If it is not about money then it is about how the players have no motivation. has been buzzing about Chris Smelley reporting to Carolina this week; Spurrier had only good things to say about his incoming freshman as he toured the state, meeting with Gamecock club members this spring. As a special treat to Left-Over-Hot-Dog, I am bring in a football analyst who will go over the gamecock season, as well as predictions, key players and comments that will help you with all of your preseason questions.

Changing subjects, tonight OSU plays North Carolina for the final game of the college baseball season. UNC won the first game but came up short last night 11 -7. I saw on a website some quotes about Omaha and the college world series. One quote that I thought sounded pretty accurate was “The College World Series turns a small patch of Omaha, Nebraska, into one part Bonnaroo and one part South Padre with a splash of Talladega thrown in for good measure.” I have never been but next year if Carolina turns out to be as good as I am predicting then I say we go. Here is a did u know from me, Zesto’s is a local ice cream and Hamburger joint located is Omaha, what about the Zesto’s here in Columbia, I always thought that the original location was in triangle city.


A-dubs said...

I hear the analyst is hot!

Moose said...

hmmmm, Hot is a strong word there.

chill out Gwyneth Paltrow look alike

Southern Sweetheart said...

Dude - love some Zesto's! And I can't wait for football season to get here!!!!

Tarheel nation said...

Well the Beavers pulled it out on an error by UNC.