Tuesday, July 14, 2009

3 Gamecocks you may not know now but will in '09

Let's take a look at 3 gamecocks that you may not know a lot about right now but we here at the LOHD office feel very strong that you will hear there name a lot in 2009. We are not going to call them sleepers, like Jarvis Giles has been called but we do feel these kids are flying under the radar right now and this excludes the incoming class. The guys listed below may not make the headlines every game but they will have a impact.

1. WR Tori Gurley --- this redshirt freshman was named the "Most Improved Wide Receiver" following spring drills in 2009. At 6 foot 5 inches, I feel this big boy with good hands will get plenty of chances to showcase why UNC and UT tried to go after him but he decided to be a gamecock. He could be that mis-match player like the former TE Jared Cook was in 2008. I also could see some designed "jump balls" for him in the redzone. I think good things are in store for Tori if he can get on the field as he is listed as a backup WR to Dion LeCron right now and the WR battle should be good to watch.
2. DE Clifton Geathers --- okay, I know you could say this guy is not a unknown after seeing action in 24 of the 25 games over the past two seasons. But this year he is a starter and will get lots of PT. As opposing teams look to limit LB Eric Norwood and DE Cliff Matthews look for Geathers to take advantage. He knows it is time to step up his game. His brother is Robert Geathers Jr who plays for the Cinncy Bengals so you know the kid has the genes to turn it up a higher notch. I feel real confident that this guy will surprise many and be a anchor up front.
3. OL T.J. Johnson---Redshirt freshman who enters the season listed on the first team at right guard after being named the 'Most Improved Offensive Lineman' in the spring. He plays aggressive yet plays smart. He is a big white boy that knows how to use his hands and we feel will only get better. This could be a kid that could easily be a 4 yr starter then be in the NFL. You will hear a lot about Q Richardson or J King up front but TJ will be the constant. I am not saying he will not surrender a sack or miss a assignment but I feel he will hold his own on the right side and provide some much needed running lanes.

Honorable mentions

Thoughts? Who am I missing here?


jr said...

Tori is from the city that is football so look out... Rock Hill mofo's!

Melvin said...

Nice stuff...
I really enjoyed...
thanks for sharing...

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