Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Former Gamecock Duce Staley is loose

I commend former Gamecock RB Duce Staley for taking issue with former USC assistant now traitor....I mean now the current Tennessee assistant David Reaves. Seems Duce, along with many within the Gamecock Nation, are calling out David Reaves for his dirty recruiting tactics. The latest spat happened on a gamecock radio call in show, and Reaves participated in the call in show to try to defend himself. I give him kudos for calling in and having the balls to face the accusations but now it is a true case of "he said / she said" and no matter how you twist it David Reaves has burned the bridge in/to Columbia. This is the second dose of kerosene on the UT - USC rivalry as the first was Spurrier calling out Kiffin for getting to work very quickly.

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