Monday, July 28, 2008

Cocktail's drink of the week

Foothills Hoppyum IPA

It pleases me very much that Columbia now has a market for great beer. Back in my CU days, I was surrounded by great microbreweries and was introduced to a huge variety of brews at a young age. Boulder breweries are on every corner and a large majority of restaurants have their own breweries as well. 10 years ago, Columbia had the brewery/restaurant Hop's, which was okay, but now the typical microbrewery has shifted gears and distribution is as much a part of business as a macrobrew. Meaning we don't have to go to the brewery, the brewery can come to us. Beer gardens, tap rooms and mega chains such as Flying Saucer have introduced the typical Bud Light supply and demand towns to great beers from all over the US and world. Alcohol distribution chains like Green's, Total Wine and McDougal's have spread and allow the consumer to purchase beers that we could otherwise only get on vacation.

Here's one to try: Foothills Hoppyum I.P.A. Foothills is a brewery based in downtown Winston Salem, NC. I have heard of this brewery before, but only until recently have the moved forward with distribution.

IPA's, which are my favorite, were created in the 18th century when beers would not keep over long sea travel. Especially in hot climates, which in turn would make the beer flat. Alcohol and hops were the only things that would prevent the beer from going sour. By the early 1700s, the British East India Company had established itself in India. It had a large number of troops and civilians demanding beer. The answer to the great beer problem finally came from a recipe created by George Hodgson at the Bow Brewery in East London. India ale was a variation of his pale ale, which Londoners had been drinking since the mid-1750s. Hodgson took his pale ale recipe, increased the hop content considerably, and raised the alcohol content. The result was a very bitter, alcoholic, and sparkling pale ale that could survive the challenges of travel and shelf life in India. IPA reached India in an enjoyable condition and Hodgson's success became legendary.

This particular IPA has a distinct citrusy hop and good ole Simcoe hop which gives a very pungent taste resulting in a great, dry brew. Word on the street is that it is arriving at Flying Saucer next week.


Moose said...

Magic Hat has recently come to Columbia as well. I highly recommend the Magic Hat #9. I know Wild Wings, Carolina Ale House and Jake's all carry it on draft as of about a month ago.

question man said...

nice read, I especially enjoyed the history lesson on beer. Keep it coming. By the way on an un-related topic Renaldo Balkman was traded to the Denver Nuggets.

Does the cocktail have any reccomendations for shaving or trimming your nuts?

Cocktail said...

body groomer by norelco. got one, does the trick. chest, well

Anonymous said...

Cocktail when u get back in cola?

Cocktail said...

aug. 21