Tuesday, December 04, 2007

Bowden has been offered the Arkansas job

Seems Bowden will need another dose of BC headache powder but this time b/c of the decision he has to make not b/c of BC.

Both ESPN and the Northwest Arkansas Times reported Bowden is one of three candidates to have interviewed for the Ark job recently. The STATE paper has a article about it HERE that states that Clemson Coach Tommy Bowden must decide whether to remain at Clemson or take the vacant Arkansas job with offers for both are on the table. This article from the Hogs' Scout.com page discusses what is going on yet keep in mind right now it is all depending on who you believe b/c Coach Bowden has been quoted as saying he'd stay as long as Clemson wants him.

I do not think he will leave Clemson after 9 seasons to take the job; what do you guys think?

This will up the price for CU to keep him and he will use it to pump up the players and the recuriting trail but he has all he needs at CU - strong fan base, great facilities, support from the administration, the great white hope in Willy Korn, etc. His only "knock" is that he does not have a championship but 08 could be the year.....oh the drama of college football.

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Brad Scott said...

Tommy is working the Clemson Admin for more money, he did the same thing 7 years ago with Alabama. He isn't going to Arkansas