Sunday, September 30, 2007

Man oh Man, what a good day of football and drinking

I must have been hammered because when I woke up this morning Kentucky was in first place in the SEC east and pretty much half of the 10 ten lost. SC is now at #11 in the AP and heading for a match up with #8 Kentucky in 4 days. Also
South Carolina is ranked #1 in the country in pass defense, she what happens when Fred Bennett leaves for the pros, everybody gets better. Carlos still needs some work but that is for a different day. Overall I was impressed with the Win and thought the play of Smelly, Davis, and McKinley so some promising signs for what is yet to come. Still waiting for a 2nd receiver to come a live but as long as we have 2 tight ends that can catch it doesn’t really matter. Norwood didn’t something that most SC fans don’t see much, a blocked punt, I couldn’t believe it myself.

Stay tuned for the Burnt bun of the week as well as picture of the week from tailgating. Congrats Spurrier on your 100 SEC victory.

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