Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Terry Hoeppner

Terry Hoeppner, Indiana's football coached died from cancer today. (Yes, its unbelieveable - I didn't think Indiana still fielded a football program either)

From all reports Hoeppner was apparently pretty well liked. For a bit of local interest, Hoeppner coached at Mullins High School in Mullins from 1976-1978. Hoeppner had recently been replaced by Bill Lynch.

Following is the suprisingly large amount of media coverage this is getting.

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Terry Hoeppner: 1947-2007 (Everyday Should Be Saturday)
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Terry Hoeppner, 1947-2007 (Sunday Morning Quarterback)

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Johhny law dog said...

Heard this on a couple talk shows today. very sad, he was only 59 years old.