Thursday, June 14, 2007

Big Angry calls out all the people with nicknames

Here is a list of some pretty good nicknames for over the years. If you can think of some more please do tell.

The Babe- George Ruth

The Big Unit - Randy Johnson

Magic Johnson" - Earvin Johnson

Iron Mike - Mike Tyson

The Great One - Wayne Gretzky

Stan the Man - Stan Musial

Air Jordan - Michael Jordan

Slick Willie - President Bill Clinton

Italian Stallion - Rocky Marciano

The Fridge - William Refrigerator Perry

The Rocket - Roger Clemens

The night train- Jasper Brinkley

Shaq- Shaquille Rashaun O'Neal

Baby Shaq - Glenn Davis

Penny-Anfernee Deon Hardaway

Hammering Hank- Hank Aaron

Foppa- Peter Forsberg


Big Angry said...

The Glide- Clyde Drexler

Cash said...

The Flying Dutchman - Honus Wagner
The Georgia Peach - Ty Cobb
Shoeless Joe - Joe Jackson
The Iron Horse - Lou Gehrig
The Yankee Clipper - Joe DiMaggio
Tricky Dick - Richard Nixon

Clay Shaw said...

A.I. - Allen Iverson
MLK - Martin Luther King
W or Dubya - George W Bush

General Malaise said...

From our friends in the middle east:

Butcher of Baghdad - Saddam Hussein
Baghdad Bob - Muhammad Saeed al-Sahhaf, Iraqi Minister of Information
Chemical Ali - Ali Hassan al-Majid - Iraqi defense minister

Of the fox persuasion:

The Grey Fox - R.E.Lee
The Desert Fox - Erwin Rommel
The Swamp Fox - Francis Marion
The Gay Fox - J.Edgar Hoover

of the royal type:

Charles the Hammer Martel
Louis (VIII) the Lion (Fr.)
Suleyman the Magnificent
Ivan the Terrible
Olaf (II) the Stout (Nor.)

and of the superb type

The Scourge of God - Atila the Hun
Alfonso (XI) the Avenger (Cas.)

if i wanted your opinion i would take my balls out or your mouth said...

Huh I didnt know that William Perry's middle name was refrigerator.

a few gamecock nicknames-

Squeaky - Derek Watson
RO HO - Rolando Howell
The plastic man - Renaldo Balkman
Meat - Demetris Summers
Mustachio - Kevin Melilo
Bash Brothers - Brinkley Twins
Lobb & Kobb - Kevin & Liam O'brien of the USC Lacrosse team. (managers)

Moose said...


Lobb & Kobb - Kevin & Liam O'brien of the USC Lacrosse team(managers)

Tick- Trey Oliver bolling Spring all time center (Phil Petty once touched that ass)