Friday, March 09, 2007

Friday Trivia III

1. How many NCAA Baseball Tournaments has South Carolina been to?
2. Who won the Battle of Hastings? When? Where was he from? What was he known as there?
3. What high school is portrayed in the movie "Hoosiers"? What is the real high school the story is based on?
4. How many companies make up the Dow Jones Industrial Average?
5. How many counties are there in South Carolina?
6. On Seinfeld, why can't George Costanza carry pens in his pants pockets?
7. What / where is the lowest point in the United States?
8. When was the 1st income tax in US history?
9. When was the last ACC basketball title South Carolina won?
BONUS: When was the last one Clemson won?
10. Who caught Doug Flutie's hail mary pass against Miami.


Anonymous said...

4. northwestern
7. clemson sc
10. jeff burris

smart neck said...

2.) William the Conqueror, Normandy
3.) Milan High school
4.) 30
5.) 46
7.)death valley