Monday, February 05, 2007

Purple Rain

I know it was south beach and all but did Aunt Jemima really deserve to play at halftime. I person can't stand Prince, but I did find it funny when he was playing behind the giant sheet, that transformed him into either the devil or a well endowed porn star.

I thought the commercials where decent this year, bud light and Career builder did a great job, while Chevy did a shitty job. My favorite commercials were the "rocks, Paper, scissors" snickers, "Man Kiss" and Career builders "Lord of the Files". Another good commercial was Beard-Over by Sierra Mist; it has taken some flack for making fun of bald people. Where has the world gone, you can’t make fun of K-Fed, as nationwide took some heat as well from people that work at fast food restaurants. I almost forgot about the Bud Light commercial with my favorite Mexican, Mancia, teach English as a 2nd language class.

So what was your favorite commercial?

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Smart Neck said...

I thought Prince was saying Chocolate Flame, not purple rain